Erin Johnson


Massage is a passion and I love the body and all the amazing things it can do. I enjoy offering my clients top notch, deep tissue massage. I prioritize my clients main issue and always want them to walk away feeling better after each massage. I am tall and use that as an advantage in each massage, to get as deep as my clients need/want. I love working with low back and hip pain issues, carpal tunnel, and headaches and migraines. I specialize in hot stone massage, silicone cupping massage, prenatal massage, and deep tissue massages. I use a variety of techniques from compression and jostling to stretching, joint mobilization, and kinetic massage to effectively and safely provide a pleasant massage experience, whether it’s your first massage or you’ve seen many other therapists. I love to educate my clients about their bodies, so ask me anything! If I don’t know it, I’ll learn! After each massage, you’ll receive home care which may include stretches and some self massage techniques to help you feel the results of your massage longer. When I am not massaging, you’ll find me hanging out with my son at the park or pool, swimming, educating myself further about the body, or baking up a storm!