Reuth Levain

Registered Acupuncturist

Reuth is a certified Acupuncturist licensed by the college of Alberta (CAA). She is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she obtained her diploma in Classical Chinese Medicine, TCM, and Shiatsu Therapy. She is also certified as a Chinese Herbalist. She has extended her practice by studying and practicing KMS Acupuncture (Kiko Matsumoto Style).Treating a variety of conditions such as neck & back pain, fertility, post pregnancy and PMS, strengthening of the immune system, digestive disorders, stress relief and emotional balancing, child health, among others. With the use of TCM methods – needling, moxa, fire cupping, and electro stimulations. At the core of her practice the emphasis is on the entire body. Patients find her treatments to be deeply relaxing and effective with significant pain and symptoms relief.